08 April, 2019

Iron Man 2019 IS STILL ON!

We’ve checked the weather forecast at 1:30 in the morning and the predictions are that the rain will stop sometime between 7 and 8 in the morning. It’ll be cloudy and cool but no rain till late in the afternoon. Breakfast starts at 7:30, so we should be good to go.

This year marks the 19th anniversary of Eden’s Iron Man Golf.  It’s seen some changes since it first began and most people who’ve played for a number of years have appreciated the changes.  The event is still intended to be a challenge beyond a regular game of golf but the change from 100 holes of golf down to 72 holes; four rounds, has been appreciated the most.  The other change that’s been appreciated by golfers is the fact that the entire course is reserved for the Iron Man golfers.  It’s made it so much easier and more fun for players who can play at a rate without any hold-ups along the way. Click HERE to download a copy of the Golfer’s Manual.

The 19th Annual Iron Man Golf is on Monday June 17th and starts with check-in and breakfast at 7:30 a.m.  If you’re ready to play, REGISTER HERE.  You’ll be taken to our secure on-line registration site where you’ll also find more information about the event. If you’d like to support someone who’s playing click: SPONSOR A GOLFER.

IronMan team from 2018

Last year we had 20 people come play with us and we also had
wonderful engagement with fund-raising. 
We were able to:

  • Provide Segue with improved resources to help
    people identify their strengths and find employment.
  • Provide our IT department with a new server to
    simplify system management and shift to a more cloud based technology.  It means that everyone who needs information
    can get at it and at the same time improves data security to keep the bad-guys
  • Provide resources to refurbish another three
    units at Enns Courts.
  • Provide resources to re-shingle the second
    building at Wilson Courts.
  • Provide resources to put in power-assist doors
    at Eden Mental Health Centre.
  • Provide resources to replace the 50 year-old
    sidewalks at Eden Mental Health Centre.
  • Provide resources to update the Recovery of Hope
    counselling office in Steinbach.

These are a sampling of achievements that have been made possible by the efforts of those who have helped to raise funds during events like this Iron Man Golf Tournament. These achievements would not have happened had we waited for government support.

Iron Man Golfers and those that support their efforts are
absolutely fundamental to the viability and success of many of Eden’s service
areas.  All of these efforts are intended
to provide hope, healing and community to those on a mental health journey.

Come play with us!