12 September, 2019

Stories of Transformation

Drugs and alcohol are often used as means to cope with mental health challenges. They sometimes play a role in the development of disorders or symptoms.

Eden Foundation is pleased to present an evening of hope. We will hear from a number of professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping people who find themselves in an unhealthy circumstance. We’re also going to hear from a number of people with ‘lived experience’. It will be an interesting combination of stories that should inspire everyone.

This is a dessert evening so we’ll have music and we’ll have dessert and coffee and an opportunity to engage with the presenters in an comfortable and casual environment. This is also an evening at which we welcome financial contributions in support of the services of Eden Health Care Services. If you’re going to prepare a cheque before-hand please make them out to Eden Foundation. Contribution are tax-deductible.

Date: Tuesday October 8, 2019

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Grace Mennonite Church, 1350 Pembina Ave. Winkler

Terry Warburton is committed to establishing and maintaining an environment where growth is nurtured and hope and healing are present. She understands the on-going challenges that parents and educators face and is passionate about providing them with support, guidance and practical strategies.

Dr Ginette Poulin is a family physician with specialization in Addictions Medicine. She has a special interest and international certification in Addictions Medicine. She serves vulnerable populations including those that reside in the inner city and marginalized populations provincial-wide, along with those suffering from mental health and addictions issues.

Dr. Johann Blignaut has been working as a family doctor at C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre in Winkler since 1998. He is certified in addictions medicine and helps those in rural Manitoba.

In addition to these three primary presenters, we’re also going to hear from others who are engaged in the community and work with people who are looking for a supportive community.

Jewel Reimer along with someone with lived experience will present their stories. Visions and Voices presenters are adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Visions and Voices seeks to increase awareness in communities in order to reduce the stigma of FASD and to encourage healthy living.

Dave Wiebe is a counselor with Mennonite Addictions Services and works with anyone who comes but has a primary focus on helping those who communicate primarily in Low German. He will provide a presentation from his perspective and will be accompanied by someone with lived experience as well.

Joel Klassen is a Music Therapist with Eden Health Care Services and will be joining us to provide us with a few musical surprises throughout the evening. Joel is a talented multi-instrumental musician and singer. His work with clients requires a great deal of flexibility and a broad repertoire of music. We are delighted to have him bring moments of release during an evening that can be weighty in nature.