Motorheads for Mental Health

Why are we riding?

The most obvious reason is that it’s fun, especially if we can ride together with a few friends.  Most riders would not find much to argue with if we claimed it’s good for our mental health, so there’s another good reason.

The ride is happening on Sunday July 25th and we launch from Winkler Co-op Truck Stop / Outpost Grill. This ride used to be called “Find Jake” but Jake decided he’d rather ride than sit around drinking coffee, waiting for someone to find him, so we’re going to provide a bunch of locations for people to ride to and engage in a series of quizzes. We’ll give you list of different towns to ride to and at each location there will be a series of question posted that we’d like you to see if you can answer correctly. When everyone gets back to our final destination at Reinfeld Community Centre, we’ll tabulate the answers and award a few prizes and we’ll have something to eat. We will of course comply with all the health regulations in place at the time of the ride and we’ll be staying outside.

We get to ride either as a single bike or a few bikes together to areas around southern Manitoba.

Eden Foundation is very happy to have been invited into this event and to be given the opportunity to let people know how we help people.  This Covid-19 reality is making it pretty clear that it’s stressing and distressing for just about everyone.  How do you handle the loss of work?  How do you deal with the fact that your normal social networking is in many cases forbidden?  For some people, it’s easier than others.

The Eden organization, as well as other mental health service providers, are finding that there’s a very significant increase in demand for help and the system we pay for with our taxes is finding it very hard to keep up.  That’s where your support makes it possible for Recovery of Hope to offer their counselling services regardless of people’s ability to pay.  That’s also where your support makes it possible for people who are having difficulty finding employment to find help through Segue.

Motorheads for Mental Health is easy to be a part of. Registration for the ride is $30 per person or $50 per couple on the same bike. If you can, we’d appreciate you considering a bit of a donation in addition to the registration fee, if you can.

This event made possible by the generous support of: