03 September, 2019

A Little Bit of Home Goes a Long Way

Eden Mental Health Centre was the recipient of a handcrafted afghan.  Linda Funk; one of the five library clerks at Winkler Library, presented the afghan to Brenda Solomon the nursing coordinator for Eden Mental Health Centre.

Ms. Funk is not only a library employee but is also part of a group they have named as “Knit-Lit” who meet regularly and talk about crocheting, knitting and books.  The conversation led to a plan to create and collect “patches” in preparation for the assembly of afghans.  This is expected to be their first contribution with more to follow. Ms. Funk indicated that the reason that Eden Mental Health Centre was chosen was in part due to the fact that she, family members and others in the group had in some way been involved with Eden Health Care Services.  She indicated that having something from home can provide comfort during uncomfortable times. 

Brenda Solomon, Eden Mental Health Centre nursing coordinator further supported the sentiment that this act of kindness from the community is a very big boost in many people’s recovery.  Having had the benefit of sharing quilts gifted to the hospital earlier and being directly engaged with people staying in hospital, she shared examples of people expressing deep gratitude for this kindness from the community.  A previous patient has shared that they “felt very comforted by it.”  Ms. Solomon expressed gratitude for the kindness this gift represents.