05 April, 2019

Food 4 Thought

This is the name given to the special one-day event put together by Winkler Consumers Co-op on Wednesday April 3rd.  Five percent of grocery sales at the Winkler and Morden Co-op stores was donated to the work of Eden Health Care Services.

Foundation board member Ray Peters came to shop.
Eden staff help bag groceries

Eden staff from numerous program areas tried their hand at bagging groceries while greeting customers at check-out.  It was their opportunity to say thank you for their support during this special event.

Winkler Consumers Co-op has long been a supporter of the work of Eden and its various program areas.  Not only have they contributed to the various fund-raising efforts of the organization but they also employ people who have been part of the Segue Career Options program.  The opportunity to become contributing members of the community is a very significant component in establishing good mental health.

Cam Buhler, Evan Toews, Art Friesen, Earl Reimer

As a result of the community coming to shop at the Morden and Winkler branches of Consumers Co-op, Eden Health Care Services received a contribution of $5,176.