01 June, 2019

French Onion Soup

Mental Health Benefits

Each of the B vitamins (a total of 8) convert carbohydrates into glucose so the body can utilize protein and fat. B vitamins support the brain, the nervous system, the liver, hair, and skin. Folic acid/folate and vitamin B12 are two B vitamins that are necessary for both the production of red blood cells and for the utilization of iron.

In a variety of studies, vitamin B12 deficiency has been noticed frequently in depressed patients. When it is present in normal amounts, vitamin B12 assists in building and strengthening myelin sheaths so that the communication between nerve cells continues efficiently. This process is interrupted in individuals with a vitamin B12 deficiency, causing nerve signals to slow, thus affecting mood and cognition.

Varying evidence supports a link between vitamin B12 and depression. For example, in patients who have been hospitalized for depression, studies have shown that as high as 30% of patients were deficient in vitamin B12 to a certain extent. Some researchers have found that B12 deficiency is common in both alcoholics and elderly people with depression, while others suggest a B12 deficiency might be more commonly observed in patients with melancholic depressive symptoms in comparison to those with non-melancholic symptoms.

French Onion Soup

¼ Cup                   Margarine

7 each                   Sliced onions

¼ Tbsp.                 Minced garlic

2 ½ Tbsp.             Sugar

2 tsp                      Marjoram

2 tsp                      Black pepper

½ tsp                     Salt

1 Cup                    Beef soup base

16 Cups                Boiling water

4 Tbsp.                 Red wine vinegar

  1. In a large pot, melt margarine over medium heat. Add onions, garlic, sugar, marjoram, salt & pepper. Cook until onions are soft, stirring often.
  2. Add soup base to water, mixing well. Add to onions, with the red wine vinegar; increase heat to high and bring to a boil. Reduce heat & simmer for 10 minutes.