13 November, 2018

Lemon Thyme Rice

Mental Health Benefits

Thyme has an ancient past and historic reputation as a healing and protective herb. During the roman era it was believed that eating thyme before a meal could protect you from poisoning, and it was often associated with strength, bravery and courage in battle.

With a history so rich, it’s no wonder thyme is a staple herb in kitchens and homes across the globe. With a flavorful, minty aroma, and an abundance of healing properties, you’ll be wanting to add thyme to everything.

Thyme has been used as an anxiety-reducing herb for thousands of years. In the middle ages, Europeans would place thyme under their pillows to promote a peaceful night’s sleep while warding off bad dreams. Its scent alone promotes relaxation, but the real reason it eases mental tension is more scientific.

Thyme contains vitamin B6, a nutrient believed to combat stress. B6, also known as pyridoxine, aids the body in constructing neurotransmitters like serotonin. Normal serotonin levels in the brain are thought to help you cope with depression, anxiety and stress.

By consuming thyme regularly. You’re promoting the construction of stress-relieving serotonin levels.

Lemon Thyme Rice

1 Tbsp.                 Butter
1 Cup                    Uncooked, white rice
2 Cups                  Chicken broth
1 Tbsp.                 Lemon juice
1 Tbsp.                 Thyme leaves

  • Melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, and stir in the rice. Cook rice, stirring frequently, until browned. About 5 minutes.
  • Mix chicken broth, lemon juice and thyme into the rice. Cover, and reduce heat to low. Cook for about 20 minutes, until liquid has been absorbed. Fluff with a fork before serving.

Cook’s Tip:

This recipe is quick and easy, and goes well with any chicken dish.