11 December, 2019

Quilts for Eden Mental Health Centre

Eden Mental Health Centre has the pleasure of having a partnership with Heartland Quilters based out of the Steinbach area. This group of talented women continues to provide the Centre with the wonderful gifts of artisan quilts.

Heartland Quilters, a place of work, play, laughter and sometimes a few tears
Brenda and Doris

Brenda Solomon, Nursing Unit Coordinator at Eden Mental Health Centre says that these gifts of quilts bring not only warmth but the exceptional healing through memories of security and love. It seems that they contribute to the mental health recovery of those who find themselves resident at the hospital.

Doris Toews

Doris Toews is spokesperson for the group of talented women who meet twice monthly to create these masterpieces. The group had its official beginning back in 2008 and within the first five years had made over 1,100 quilts. The pace continues and it is not uncommon for them to produce between 150-200 quilts per year.

Heartland Quilters contributes to a variety of established charities who are already in the mission of delivering comfort to the needy. They include organizations such as ‘Quilts of Valor’ who give quilts to returning men and women in military service; ‘Linus Project’ giving quilts to hospitalized children; Siloam Mission; Steinbach Family Resource Centre and Mennonite Central Committee to name only a few.

Although empirical data might be difficult to find that directly relates the presence of a homemade quilt to the rate of recovery from a mental health illness that required hospitalization, those who observe resident patients on the ward will provide stories of the positive impact of those quilts.