07 February, 2017

Stories of Transformation

Event Date: Thursday March 16, 2017

Event Location: Fellowship Hall of Steinbach Mennonite Church in Steinbach

Eden Foundation is hosting a Dessert Night in Steinbach where mental health stories will be brought to the stage.  Playback Theatre will hear stories from a few people who are on a mental health journey and then will bring those stories to life on the stage.  Red Threads of Peace Playback is a Winnipeg-based playback theatre project, the only one of its kind in Manitoba. Merging artistry, social justice, and community building.

Playback Theatre is a form of improvisational theatre that starts with listening deeply to people’s stories and then transforming them spontaneously into theatre. It is especially powerful in honouring the voices of people from marginalized communities and in helping to build understanding across differences.

Playback Co-founder Jo Salas says: “The basic idea of Playback Theatre is very simple…One is the idea that you, your personal experience, is worthy of this kind of attention. We are saying that your life is a fit subject for art, that others may find your story interesting, may learn from it, be moved by it…. We are saying that story itself is of the profoundest importance, that we need stories to construct meaning in our lives….and grows out of the undying need for connection through aesthetic ritual. “


Steinbach Mennonite Church, 345 Loewen Blvd.

On Thursday March 16th, ‘Stories of Transformation’ will be presented at the Fellowship Hall of Steinbach Mennonite Church, 345 Loewen Blvd. in Steinbach.  The doors open at 6:30 and the event begins at 7 pm.  There is no admission charge for the evening but there will be an opportunity to give in support of the work of Eden Health Care Services as expressed in Steinbach and the surrounding area.  The evening will be set around tables with coffee and dessert being served after the presentation.  Seating is limited, so it is recommended that complementary tickets be reserved by e-mail: or by calling 204-320-6034 in Steinbach.

In addition, Dancing Gabe will present a part of his life’s story.  Gabe; along with Daniel Perron his manager and author of Dancing Gabe: One Step at a Time will be a special guest for the evening.  Gabe has become one of the most recognized and adored figures in Winnipeg.  People know him as Winnipeg’s Number One Fan.  He keeps a very busy schedule: Gabe doesn’t miss a Winnipeg Jets hockey game, Blue Bombers football game, or Goldeyes baseball game.  He also attends many university sporting events and other community events.

Gabriel Langlois and Daniel Perron

His real name is Gabriel Langlois and he was born in 1963, diagnosed with autism at the age of three, institutionalized at six, and non‐verbal until he was ten.  He moved back home at eleven, graduated from Glenlawn Collegiate seven years later.

In 2014, Daniel Perron decided it was time for a career change. He had spent nineteen years as a Canadian Forces air navigator and twenty years in management and consulting.  When friends introduced him to Mike Langlois, a whole new adventure began: combining his skills in research, interviewing, writing and photography to tell the story of Mike’s brother, Dancing Gabe.  While Dancing Gabe: One Step at a Time is Perron’s first book, his writing career has included short stories and poems, including some that earned him a French literature award.  In 1993, he edited the Canadian Forces’ POLARIS: The Air Navigator’s Journal. He also taught technical writing to Air Force officers for several years before retiring from the military. Born in La Prairie, Québec, Perron has lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, since 1990. He and his wife Elaine have two adult children, Christopher and Michelle.

Eden Health Care Services provides a range of services that empower people with mental health needs.  Those services are expressed in Steinbach and surrounding area through

  •  Recovery of Hope – A professional counselling service available to individuals and families.
  •  Housing – Penfeld Court, comprised of 24 one or two bedroom suites, and Wilson Courts which consists of two buildings of eight suites each.  All of the suites are subsidized to accommodate people with limited incomes.
  •  Positive Living Program – a community-based, recovery focused program for persons living in the community with the experience of mental illness.
  •  Segue Career Options – a supportive employment agency which aims to assist eligible individuals who are employment-ready, however, facing challenges and barriers in their job searches to prepare for, obtain, and retain competitive employment within their communities.

Eden Mental Health Centre provides acute inpatient as well as outpatient services for the citizens of the region.  Although geographically located in Winkler, psychiatric services are provided to Bethesda Hospital and the Crisis Stabilization unit, to shared care at the clinic as well as direct consultation to general practitioners; all in Steinbach.