Eden Mental Health Centre – Acute Psychiatric Hospital

Hospital-based services include both inpatient and outpatient services. Inpatient services are those where an individual is admitted to the hospital for at least an overnight stay. Outpatient services are provided to individuals who are living in the community but not admitted to the hospital.  

Eden Mental Health Centre is a 25 bed inpatient psychiatric hospital that provides short stay psychiatric treatment to adult individuals. Eden Mental Health Centre follow a recovery oriented approach and is informed by leading practices in acute psychiatry. The treatment team consists of psychiatrists, general practitioner, psychologist, nurses and social workers. Programming is enhanced by services provided by recreational therapy, occupational therapists, spiritual care, music therapy, pharmacy, among others.

Patients who are 18 years and over are admitted through the Emergency Department. Admission may be on a voluntary basis via referral or on an involuntary basis as outlined under the Mental Health and Consequential Amendments Act of Manitoba. The inpatient hospital is part of the provincial mental health system and operates in partnership with Southern Health Santé Sud and the Government of Manitoba Department of Health, Seniors and Active Living.  Eden Mental Health Centre is accredited through Accreditation Canada in partnership with Southern Health Santé Sud and regulated by the Eden Mental Health Centre Incorporation Act, Hospital Act, and Mental Health Act. 

Eden Mental Health Centre Services are intended for residents of Canada. 

Age: Adult (18+)
Referrals: Emergency Department
Cost: No Charge (Government Funded)
Location: Winkler, Manitoba
For More Information: 204-325-4325