22 June, 2017

IronMan 2017 A Smashing Success

This year marked the 17th year that IronMan has hosted a small group of golfers.  A dozen golfer along with a few caddies were responsible for raising $16,000 for the work of Eden Health Care Services.

IronMan is unique in that golfers are playing four full rounds of golf in one day!  The purpose behind playing so many holes is not only to maximize the joy of playing golf but to also give the participants a sense of what it’s like to deal with those emotions and feelings when something doesn’t go well.  Four rounds of golf for some of us would have many moments of negative “self-talk”, now imagine what it’s like to hear negative “self-talk” all day long.  Can you get over it during the course of the event or not?  How does overcoming the mental barrier during four rounds of golf occur?  How does one overcome a mental barrier in life?  That’s the connection between IronMan golf and mental health.

Four rounds of golf on Monday June 19th was a delight, due in part to wonderful weather and also the wonderful community of golfers who encouraged and teased each other.  This again is an example of how a community is an effective vehicle with which to bring hope to its members.

Because of the generous support of sponsors, funds raised by golfers can be used to support the work of Eden’s Housing & Supports, Recovery of Hope and Segue Career Options.

Each year the sponsors and the golfers are a delightful astonishment to Eden’s organizers.