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Music Therapy Program – Overview of 2012

It has been another successful year of music therapy service delivery. Success, in this case, is measured in a number of different ways: through the perceived quality of interactions with residents an…

07 February, 2013 News

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Monique Lepine’s Story

Canadians and the world were shocked to hear the news on Dec. 6th, 1989 that a man had shot and killed 14 women at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal before turning the gun and killing himself. Why such …

29 October, 2012 News

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Hope in Tragedy

People at both the Friday evening and Saturday events of Eden Foundation’s dessert nights heard a dark but inspiring story from Monique Lepine. Monique is the mother of Marc Lepine, who became natio…

23 October, 2012 News

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