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Visit the Villages 2016

Eden Foundation held its 9th annual Visit the Villages Tractor Trek on Saturday July 9th. Forty-two tractors assembled in Reinland and made their way across country through Rosetown, Altbergthal and t…
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Steinbach MCC Gives Back To Local Charities

Steinbach MCC donated a total of $50,000 to 15 local charities on Friday morning. Chair Gordon Kornelson says they value the community immensely and want to give something back. “Our board figures t…

12 December, 2015 News

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The Candy-cane Forest

Winkler’s Bethel Heritage Park has some more decorations up this year. The City along with Eden Foundation have installed 50 large red metal candy canes along the eastern walkway through the par…

18 November, 2015 News

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Upcoming and Past Events

Iron Man 2015

It’s always a delight to be together with a group of men and women who have a desire to take a step or two just beyond the borders of ‘comfortable’. IronMan is just such a case. This event is op…
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Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue is a regional public awareness and education program that aims to inspire and inform students and youth, residents, businesses and agencies in our region. The aim is to get everyone i…
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Harmony for Hope 2015

Winkler Community Male Choir and Eastman Male Choir are again teaming up to sing. These two choirs will be collaborating to present a message of hope, healing and community.   Ed Hildebrand is the d…
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Head for the Hills 2014

The weather was great for the 172 riders who came out for the 12th annual Head for the Hills bike ride through southern Manitoba’s picturesque Pembina Hills. Bungee had the biggest team again th…
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Steinbach Tractor Trek 2014

Mennonite Heritage Village was the host location for the 2014 Steinbach Tractor Trek on Saturday June 14th. The number of participants increased to 53 participating tractors, up from 40 last year. The…
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