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A Faith-based Mental Health and Wellness Organization

The purpose of all of our programs of Eden Health Care Services is, 

“That people on the mental health journey experience hope, healing and community.”

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Take Note of This

Music enhances our moods and our physical health. Listening to the music of your choice, be it country-western, jazz, or classical, as you study, work, rest, or exercise can settle your temperament an…

30 July, 2012

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Practice Makes Perfect

It can be so difficult to stick to healthy resolutions, can’t it? We humans are complex and fallible creatures. We eat foods that aren’t good for us; we don’t stick to our exercise programs; and…

30 July, 2012

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Carl and Linda

Carl and Linda (a fictitious couple) were not as happy in their marriage as they had hoped. Married for nine years now, it seemed they could not agree on anything.  Carl thought their fights were ove…

30 July, 2012

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