Head for the Hills

It’s safe to come out and play again!  Head for the Hills 2020 is going to happen and we hope you’ll come join us again this year.  We’ve been granted some flexibility in our gatherings and we hope by September 12th it’ll get even better.  Regardless of the rules in place at the time of the event, we’re going to do our very best to comply and at the same time provide you with a wonderful riding experience.

As part of our Vison 20/20 there are a lot of new things in this our 18th year.  The first thing we are pleased to tell you, is that we’ve changed up our start and stop location and that they’re one and the same.  So now where you park your vehicle is the same place you ride back to.  Then the next thing we can tell you is that the routes have been modified as well. Here’s our most recent Strava map of the Trail Ride and here’s the most recent Strava map of the Road Route.

Then the other thing we’re absolutely delighted to tell you about, is that we’ve got a whole new on-line registration and fund-raising vehicle available for you to use.  Your involvement with Head for the Hills is so very important to us and we really hope you’ll come ride with us again.