What is a Faith-based Healthcare Facility?

The Eden organization was founded by the Mennonite Churches of Manitoba in the mid 60’s as an expression of Christ’s love and compassion to all of God’s children. Over time, other faith communities have joined the organization, strengthening the expression of Christian love in the area of mental health. About 10 years ago, Pam Driedger, working on behalf of the Mennonite Health Services of Manitoba drafted a document that highlighted and defined faith-based health care facilities and at the time by defining them specifically in the context of the Mennonite/Anabaptist tradition. As we look to the future as a faith-based organization and inviting the inclusion of other faith communities, re-visiting the values of our founding community helps us better set the vision for the future. Please read the attached document with this in mind.

Within the Province of Manitoba, a Mennonite healthcare facility is a publicly funded facility which is owned and sponsored by the Mennonite community. As a publicly funded facility, we have an obligation to provide health care which meets or exceeds government and professional standards. As a facility which is sponsored by the Mennonite community, we have an obligation to provide care in a manner that is consistent with and expressive of Mennonite values and ethics.

Because we are a “Mennonite” facility, we establish our policies, set our goals and evaluate our programs in light of a particular set of values which is deeply rooted in our Christian faith and Mennonite heritage. In all that we do we strive to follow the example of Christ who healed the sick, comforted the sorrowful and welcomed the outcast.

  • Values
  • Community, Mutuality and Service
  • Human Dignity and Compassion for All People
  • Justice and Stewardship
  • Peace, Reconciliation and Mediation
  • Spirituality and Prayer
  • Ethical Rigor

Non-Discriminatory Statement

Eden Health Care Services (EHCS) is a faith based organization whose vision is that people on the mental health journey experience hope, healing and community. Discrimination is contrary to our mission and our values, so we do not and shall not discriminate based on race, colour, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status or military status in any of its activities, operations or the delivery of services. Any person who comes to EHCS will receive assistance based solely on their need and our capacity to help. We uphold the dignity of all people, believing all are equal in the eyes of God, and firmly oppose the mistreatment of any person.