Program Overview

Back to Basics

The purposes of all of the programs of Eden Health Care Services is, “…to actively engage people of faith in sharing Christ’s hope and healing wherever mental health needs are found.” We are a faith-based mental health, and social services organization providing best practice, evidence-informed mental health recovery services in communities where we are invited. At any given time our programs work with over 2100 individuals and families. Our 50 program board members are representative from across Manitoba.

Clinical Services

The Eden Health Care Services organization was begun in 1967 with the building and opening of a mental health hospital, Eden Mental Health Centre. This was the result of the community, represented by nine Mennonite Church Conferences, responding to the need for improved mental health care. Provincial support was enlisted with Manitoba Health now continuing through a partnership with the Regional Health Authority as the primary funder of what is now a 30-bed psychiatric acute care centre.

Pathways Community Mental Health Services is the community services program, based out of offices in downtown Winkler’s ALG Professional Centre in close proximity to the CW Wiebe Medical Centre. Pathways works in collaboration with the Southern Regional Health Authority community mental health program and provides services to the population of Southern Health Region. Professional staff provides services from their offices and in the homes of about 1000 individuals annually across the age spectrum from child and adolescent, adult and geriatric populations.

Housing and Supports

In 1981 Linden Place was begun. This residential program for up to 8 individuals works with persons recovering from illness and desiring support in their efforts to acquire housing and work. In 1992–94 we partnered with Manitoba Family Services and Housing and built the Enns Court Apartments providing 38 one, two and three bedroom suites of supported housing. The rents are geared to income and the housing is integrated, including families, single parent households, mental health consumers, and retirement age individuals. In 2002, Eden East was incorporated as a response to an invitation from supporters and community members to help deliver improved mental health services and resources in Steinbach area. This service provides mental health housing coordination for the RHA’s community mental health program. In addition, Penfeld Court, a 24-unit supported housing apartment in Steinbach opened its doors in the fall of 2006. This apartment is similar to Enns Court in Winkler. In 2009 Eden East acquired 24 apartment units from a private developer and together with public and private donations and a significant grant from Manitoba Housing Authority completed renovations, allowing existing tenants who require affordable housing to remain in the apartment. Both the Steinbach and Winkler sites offer a community-based support and drop-in program known as Community Choices (Winkler) and Positive Living Program (Steinbach). In addition, there are other general housing support staff that work with specific individuals in keeping successful tenancies.

Employment Services

Segue Career Optionswith its main office located in Winkler, supports individuals dealing with significant mental health issues who are working to overcome employment barriers. Work training settings in the community helps train participants for job readiness. The program partners with employers, bringing financial incentives through program participation, thereby helping individuals with significant employment barriers make transitions into the workforce. The significance of a meaningful job and title cannot be understated. The addition of the Youth Employment Program provides classroom instruction and job placement experience. Segue was invited to provide a parallel program in Steinbach in the spring of 2012. A grand opening of Segue Steinbach occurred in the fall of 2012.

Counseling Services

Recovery of Hope is a professional counseling service with its main office in Winnipeg and satellite offices in five rural communities; Steinbach, Altona, Winkler, Portage la Prairie, and Niverville. This service provides about 4500 sessions annually to about 700 individuals and families on a sliding fee basis. A professional EAP program is available to subscribing employers. The CARE (Congregation Assist Restore and Enrich) Program assists pastors of subscribing church congregations provide counseling services for their members.

Mennonite Addictions Counselling Service is a partnership of three area churches and EHCS that offers support for individuals struggling with addictions. The program provides language, religious and culturally relevant services to individuals in the community. This project is primarily supported by the sponsoring area Mennonite Churches although the service is open to everyone who might benefit.

Eden Foundation is a charitable foundation to receive donations and bequests from supporting community members, businesses, and churches. These funds are invested back into capital projects that support the mission of Eden Health Care Services as well as support the annual needs of programs that do not receive government funding. The Foundation carries out a number of events throughout the year that raise financial support and inform and engage the constituency.