Calling All Bicycles…And Feet!

Written by Gary Dyck, Executive Director, Mennonite Heritage Village

This year Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV) and Eden Foundation are co-hosting the first annual Peace Trek. It is a one-day cyclathon and marathon that uses an adaptation of the new Peace Trail that is being developed in South-East Manitoba. In 2024, the 150th anniversary of the first Mennonites arriving in Manitoba, a two-day walking pilgrimage will be added, led by an Ox and a Red River cart!

The route is approximately 48 kilometers with three waystations that include washrooms and refreshments. There are three ways to participate in the Peace Trek: you can cycle it, run it, or do it as a relay with friends and family. The starting point is the Mennonite Landing site by the Red River (near Niverville), and the terminus is the Dirk Willems Peace Garden at MHV. If you know of anyone with a bike or who can run, be sure to let them know about the upcoming Peace Trek!

The bicycle is known as the greatest invention of humankind. It is a symbol of harmony between person and machine. At close to 100%, it is calculated to be the most efficient self-powered means of transportation. It also revolutionized the dating scene for some Mennonite villages. In the early 1900’s they were miles apart and it was rare for young people to see others from outside of their village. Just another reason why the bicycle is seen as the greatest invention.

So, get your feet and bicycle ready for the Peace Trek on August 20th! Early-registration is $50, while walk-up registration is $75. Refreshments throughout the trail, gifts, and a meal at the end will be provided to all participants. Friends and family of the participants are welcome to join them as they enter MHV by the pond. Food and refreshments will also be available for purchase.

Our peer-to-peer fundraising app and MHV website portal makes it easy for you to register, form a relay team, and send out ready-made emails/texts to potential donors, who with a couple clicks can make their contributions to you or your team. And if you don’t think you can cycle the whole 48 kilometres, get an E-bike like I have, they are a game-changer for those with poor joints. I hope to see you on the beautiful Peace Trail! Join MHV’s social media to see recent footage of me testing out the trail. There are moments of beauty and hilarity. Peace Trek 2022!

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Peace Trek 2022 – Eden Foundation Inc (