10 October, 2019

Inpatient Social Worker

Maternity Leave Term 0.5 FTE

Two-Week Schedule: Tues, Fri/ Tues, Thurs, Fri

MGEU Technical/Professional

Start Date: ASAP/End Date: November 2020 (approx.)

Location: Eden Mental Health Centre, Winkler MB

Position Summary: Consistent with the mission, values, objectives and policies of the Centre, the Inpatient Social Worker position is two-fold as part of a multidisciplinary team:

1. Provides services to inpatients related to external, out-of-hospital needs in the area of social work.

2. Provide leadership for planning and implementing therapeutic groups for inpatients.

Qualifications: Must have a Degree in Social Work and hold a current Social Work license. Principle

Duties and Responsibilities: Services to inpatients related to external, out-of-hospital needs: • Consulting, collaborating and participating in meetings with the treatment team, including doctor’s rounds, Kardex and other team meetings to plan, inform and review treatment plans in relation to patient care needs in the area of social work. Duties Related to Therapeutic Groups for Inpatients: • Facilitate inpatient therapy groups, including preparation as required; reviewing inpatient group material routinely with the Nursing unit Coordinator to ensure evidence-based practice is being maintained. • Provide documentation in the progress notes/Groups communication book and/or at doctor’s rounds and Kardex regarding the patients’ involvement and progress in Groups.

*Complete Job Description available upon request

* Job Posting Number: SW-10-14