Eden Announces Plans to Relocate Steinbach Office

Eden Health Care Services has announced the move to a new location in Steinbach.

Chief Executive Officer Kym Kaufmann says they are relocating to the Stonebridge Wellness Centre and hope to open their doors there on April first. Kaufmann says they are pleased to announce a partnership with Bethesda Foundation in order to make this move possible.

“The move to a new location offers us a space that is accessible to our clients as well as really inspires hope, healing and community,” says Kaufmann. “We have the opportunity to have a brighter space, lots of natural light, a newer environment.”

Kaufmann adds the space will allow Eden to bring together more of its programs and services to one central location and allow for possible expansion of services in the future. The new location is at the corner of Stonebridge Crossing and Heritage Parkway.

“The chance to bring all of our programs and services together under one roof will ultimately help improve access to mental health services for individuals in the community,” she suggests.

In addition to the services that have been provided at the current Eden East location along Loewen Boulevard, the new space will allow Eden to provide clinical mental health professional services, Recovery of Hope, Segue Career Options, mental health supports for housing tenants, the Wellness Library and Eden Foundation.

Kaufmann says this move is possible thanks to a $250,000 donation from Bethesda Foundation, which she says will help with tenant improvement and assist towards a subsidized rental rate agreement.

“As part of the Steinbach medical community, I am very pleased with the move Eden is making,” says Dr. Curtis Krahn, with Steinbach Family Medical and Bethesda Foundation. “Steinbach is a fast growing community, with significant unmet health needs, and we will be pleased to work with Eden to expand their services. Eden has an excellent reputation, their range of services is impressive, and we look forward to developing that further.”

Meanwhile, Kaufmann says Eden is predominantly a government funded organization. She says there is a lot of information from government indicating a need for more mental health and addictions services throughout the province.

“If we look at Steinbach and the communities, it’s one of the fastest growing areas in the province,” she says. “So we know that we need many more services in the area.”