Eden Foundation Charity Golf Event Play Golf. RESCHEDULED to AUGUST!

Eden Foundation’s Charity Golf Tournament is changing things up this year!  Firstly, we’re going to play in Gretna at the Oakview Golf and Country Club. Secondly, this event will combine the challenge of living with a mental health diagnosis together with the recovery that comes with proper treatment. Realizing that an individual’s mental health journey and recovery plan is unique to them, the concept of this revised event is to have participants “play out” what their recovery plan would look like. In addition, we’ve rescheduled the event to August 14th. Present health restrictions prevent us from running it now in June. This will give us all more time to begin our own recovery from something that is as devastating as the fight for good mental health.

During our event this year, you get to choose the number of holes you believe you can complete within a selected time frame.  It is entirely possible that you may not complete your pre-selected goal; this is acceptable and would visualize that the road to mental health wellness is an ongoing  journey.  

Saturday, August 14, 2021
9:00 am to 4:30 pm

 Oakview Golf Club, Gretna Manitoba

You get to choose from a list of pre-set categories which best reflects your skill and/or challenge level. Tee off will be at 9am and tournament ends at 4:30pm.

#1: Casual Golfergolf 36 holes.     FREE registration!

#2: More than Casual golfer: golf 54 holes. FREE registration!

#3: Frequent Golfer: golf 72 holes.    FREE registration!

#4: I don’t like fundraising!: For those that do not like to fundraise, this option is a one-time all-inclusive fee of $1000, with access to all amenities and your choice of the number of holes you wish to golf, either 36, 54 or 72! 

#5: Caddy: FREE registration!

Click HERE to Register

Four of the five available options have no registration fee but the intent is that regardless which of those four options you choose, you will be an active fund-raiser.  Option #4 simply recognizes that you don’t want to fund-raise but the organization is worth your support and playing golf is fun!

If you are not a Golfer but still wish to support this event, you may do so by clicking HERE TO DONATE and you will be directed to the event page where you can click the Donate button.

We thank you for your support!