MOVE for Mental Health!

World Mental Health Day is recognized on October 10th, 2023. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health. Will YOU be a part of the “movement”?

When it comes to our mental health, physical activity has proven to ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. To make a difference in our own lives, and increase awareness and funding for mental health programs in your area, this is your opportunity to MOVE for Mental Health.

Walk, run, cycle, swim, dance, hula-hoop, wheelchair, go bowling….the options are endless in how YOU can participate.

  1. Choose an activity with friends, family, a youth group of church group, or solo!
  2. Utilize your contacts list to solicit pledges and collect donations for Eden mental health
  3. Choose a date between October 10-17th to MOVE for mental health.
  4. Take video or pictures to share, using the hashtags: #M4MH #edenmentalhealth
  5. Challenge other groups or individuals to take part in a friendly fund-raising competition!

Donation Form can be found here:

MOVE for Mental Health! – Eden Health Care Services

The event is finished.


Oct 10 - 17 2023


Eden Foundation