26 July, 2012

Another Successful Visit The Villages Tractor Trek


Written by Vickie Addison

Another successful Visit The Villages Tractor Trek took place Saturday.

The Trek takes participants through the Southern Manitoba country side as well as through the villages of Reinland, Rosengart, Neuhorst, Rosetown, Kronsthal, and Blumenort. The 40 kilometre trek came to an end in Gretna at the Hotspot Festival.

Participant and Founder Armin Ens says at this year’s event they were once again able to raise $40,000. He explains the funds from the Trek go to the ongoing operation of the Eden Foundation, of which he is also a board member.

The annual Steinbach Tractor Trek was cancelled this year due to rain, and Ens says they were happy to have 7 of those riders who did not get to participate in Steinbach this year take part in their Trek. The Steinbach Trek was still a great success though, raising $55,000.

Ens says this event is a positive experience for both participants and spectators.

“We’ve really found that there is a range of interest in it. People who are into tractors (enjoy it) but then also realize that this is a good reason to be out there. It gives a person enjoyment and satisfaction and it provides at least some of the funds needed.”

Ens says the trek started back in 2008. He says that was the year Eden Foundation was celebrating its 40th anniversary, and therefore they made the number 40 a theme in that first trek.

“We asked for 40 tractors, 40 years or older to run 40 kilometres to raise $40,000. (Since then) we haven’t always got 40 tractors, but we’ve always raised in excess of $40,000.”

Ens adds many smiles are created as tractor stories are shared, old friendships are renewed, and new friendships are formed at this event.

Here are pictures of this past weekend’s event.