08 February, 2018

Eastman Male Choir and Elvis in Harmony for Hope

Elvis and the Eastman Male Choir are singing together.

On Sunday May 6th Eden Foundation is presenting a concert entitled ‘Harmony for Hope’.  Eastman Male Choir conducted by Nathaniel De Avila and accompanied by pianist Lori Reimer is presenting their Spring Concert for the benefit of Eden Foundation and the programs that Eden Health Care Services offer in the Eastman area as well as across the Southern Health Region.  Elvis tribute artist, Corny Rempel will be singing some of the Gospel Songs that were part of Elvis’ repertoire.

The Eastman Male Choir’s spring concert is on Sunday May 6th at 7:30 pm, at Steinbach Mennonite Church.

Eden Health Care Services is present and active in Steinbach and the surrounding community with:

  • Providing services at the Crisis Stabilization Unit
  • Psychiatric services at Bethesda Hospital
  • Positive Living Program at the Loewen Blvd. office
  • Segue Career Options at the Brandt St. office
  • Housing at Penfeld Court
  • Housing at Wilson Courts
  • Recovery of Hope counselling at the Loewen Blvd. office

Donations we receive from the community and from this concert go to support these services in the Eastman region.  In addition to the ongoing programs listed above, Eden Foundation has committed to supporting the following initiatives:

  • the renovation of six suites at Enns Courts in Winkler
  • new evaluation software and training for Segue Career Options serving both Winkler and Steinbach
  • mental health promotions project in Morden
  • create a Wellness Library of resources in Eden Mental Health Centre, to augment the resources available through the Steinbach office
  • create a gathering space with solid park benches at Concordia Village IV in Winnipeg
  • improve the furnishings in the Interview Room at Eden Mental Health Centre
  • engage a professional to examine our services for the purposes of insuring they continue to appropriately serve the community
  • create a pre-school playground area at Enns Courts in Winkler