07 April, 2019

Harmony for Hope 2019 A Choral Concert

Eastman Male Choir from Steinbach and the Winkler Community Male Choir are re-uniting for two concerts during the Easter Season.  The first concert will be in Winkler at the Winkler Mennonite Church, 31 Willowdale Crescent on Sunday evening April 28th at 7 pm.  The second concert will be in Steinbach at the Steinbach Mennonite Church, 345 Loewen Blvd. on Sunday evening May 5th at 7 pm.

Four years ago the choirs collaborated to present two concerts then.  The choirs enjoyed working together and it was hoped that it would happen again sometime.  This is the year!  The concert dates are the two Sunday’s after Easter and so it’s anticipated that the celebration will continue.

The Eastman Male Choir began many years ago as an additional rehearsal group to a larger church conference choir.  Once the concert for which they’d rehearsed was finished, it just seemed like a good idea to expand the group and keep singing together.  In a similar fashion, the Winkler Community Male Choir began with the intention of doing a fund-raising event to help offset the costs in building a new church.  Again, after that concert was done, it just seemed like a good idea to keep going.

Each of the choirs have continued to rehearse and sing for many years.  New members have been added from the early years and the repertoire has expanded as well.  The one constant has been the joy and delight in singing together; which is expanded exponentially when two such groups get together.

You are invited you to come to these Harmony for Hope concerts. You will hear good male choir singing. You will hear a report on the work of Eden Health Care Services you will have opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people dealing with issues surrounding mental health.

Please come, bring friends and listen to good male choir singing.  There is no admission fee but we do hope that you’ll be generous in your support of the work that Eden Health Care Services undertakes to do every day, bringing hope, healing and community to those on a mental health journey.