19 June, 2019

Head for the Hills 2019

You’ve been waiting a long time for this! Cycling season is here and it couldn’t happen soon enough. Head for the Hills registration is open, so CLICK HERE and we’ll help you get set up. If you’re visiting this site to support a cyclists, click SPONSOR A CYCLIST and you’ll be taken to our secure on-line donation option.

Last year’s ride was memorable due to the weather conditions and it showed the “stuff” of what cyclists are made of. We’re certainly hoping for a return to the kind of riding days we’ve had in past years and if the patterns hold up, we should be good for the next ten years.

We’ll have two routes available for cyclists again this year; one being the beautiful, flowing single-track taking you through some really pretty trails and then there’s also going to be the road route that will have you on a variety of surfaces starting with some pavement, then some gravel and good-ol’ dirt roads.

Trail and Road Routes

We’ve got a lot more information about the ride and it’s available to you HERE. Come play with us!