03 May, 2018

NEW! Equestrian Ride and Gymkhana

Eden Foundation is launching a brand new event.  We’re inviting the horse riding community to come join us for a ride from Winkler to Schanzenfeld and then back into Winkler.  After the ride and a short break there will be a series of games that we’ll invite horse and riders to participate in.

Both the ride and the games are schedule for holiday Monday August 6th.  The assembly point for all horses and riders will be at the Stanley Agricultural Society Fairgrounds on Grandeur Avenue in Winkler.  From there, a parade will make its way westward to 15th Street and then south to Schanzenfeld, looping through the northern residential area of the village and returning back to Main Street in Winkler and the fairgrounds.  The parade will include a stage coach and team of horses as well as horse and buggy participants.  Pilot vehicles at both the front and the back of the parade will be present for safety.

This is a charity ride in support of the work of Eden Health Care Services and riders are encouraged to solicit support for the ride.  Click HERE to register on-line or to Support the efforts of a rider.  You may also call the Eden Health Care Services office at 204-325-5355 and ask for Agatha.

The gymkhana will take place inside the riding arena and everyone not riding is welcome to come find a place in the bleachers to watch riders compete in both speed events and skill events.

Our hope is that the equestrian community will see this event as an opportunity to participate in a community event and exercise some of the skills that are unique to horse and rider.  Our hope as well, is that the work of the Eden organization in helping people on their mental health journey find hope, healing and community will resonate and be a cause worthy of modest fund-raising efforts.

Here’s what you’re helping Eden Foundation provide funding for:

  • the renovation of six suites at Enns Courts in Winkler
  • new evaluation software and training for Segue Career Options serving both Winkler and Steinbach
  • mental health promotions project in Morden, Winkler and Winnipeg
  • create a Wellness Library of resources in Eden Mental Health Centre, to augment the resources available through the Steinbach office
  • create a gathering space with solid park benches at Concordia Village IV in Winnipeg
  • improve the furnishings in the Interview Room at Eden Mental Health Centre
  • engage a professional to examine our services for the purposes of insuring they continue to appropriately serve the community
  • create a pre-school playground area at Enns Courts in Winkler


As you can see from this list we continue to provide resources for those areas that are not the primary care functions of the hospital or other areas which are part of our contract with Manitoba Health.  We are providing funding to those things which are outside that agreement and are part of the mission to provide wrap-around services beyond that primary care.  These are the things that help to provide hope, healing and community above and beyond that initial agreement.  Your support makes these things possible.