08 February, 2018

Stories and Songs Dessert Night in Steinbach

On Friday March 16th, Eden Foundation is hosting a Dessert Evening featuring ‘Stories and Songs of Hope, Healing and Community’.

This is an evening when we get to hear personal stories of people who are on a mental health journey.  The evening is going to feature two musicians, David Graham and Warren Friesen.  Both musicians are singer/songwriters and will be performing some of their own music and maybe with a bit of coaching we might convince them to do something together.  Both musicians have their own story of being on a mental health journey and will be sharing some of that; along with the music they’ll be bringing.













In addition, we’ll be hearing from Sylvia Fehr; an Eden Health Care Services ‘Mental Health Hero’ award recipient, along with her daughter Lori-Ann Chambaud.  We’ll also hear from two women who are connected by a kidney.  Trina Unrau and Pat Gerbrandt are donor and recipient of the gift of a kidney and we’ll hear how that connects with a mental health story.  Jacki Kehler is also going to share part of her journey story.

The event takes place at Steinbach’s Evangelical Mennonite Church on Main Street.  Doors will open at 6:30 pm and the evening will begin at 7 pm.  There is no admission charge but we will be giving people the opportunity to make donations to the work of Eden Health Care Services in Eden East.

Your contribution during the evening is going to support some of the projects that Eden Foundation has recently committed itself to, including:

  • the renovation of six suites at Enns Courts in Winkler
  • new evaluation software and training for Segue Career Options serving both Winkler and Steinbach
  • mental health promotions project in Morden
  • create a Wellness Library of resources in Eden Mental Health Centre, to augment the resources available through the Steinbach office
  • create a gathering space with solid park benches at Concordia Village IV in Winnipeg
  • improve the furnishings in the Interview Room at Eden Mental Health Centre
  • engage a professional to examine our services for the purposes of insuring they continue to appropriately serve the community
  • create a pre-school playground area at Enns Courts in Winkler

Mark the date in your mobile device and come visit with us, hear some good music, be compelled by powerful personal stories and have coffee and dessert with us.

This event is being made possible through the generous support of the following organizations.