11 April, 2019

Tractor Trek 2019

Twelve years ago Tractor Trek committed to visiting all the villages within a 40 miles radius of Reinland and over that period of time we’ve visited 26 different locations.  This last year our Tractor Trek followed the eastern portion of the “Old Post Road” as far east as Halbstadt before turning around.

On Saturday, July 13, 2019 Visit the Villages Tractor Trek is going to follow the “Old Post Road” to the west with Mountain City being the turn-around point.  Although most of the villages and communities along that route have long since disappeared we’ll make a point of driving past those locations acknowledging the fact that these were places of significance for people who lived here more than 100 years ago.

The route begins in Reinland and makes its way westward to Blumenfeld, then north to Osterwick, and the old site of Waldheim before turning west again, across PR #432 to Mountain City. The trek will drive an extra few kilometers to Stanley Park for lunch before turning around for the return trip home. The return route will inclcude Glencross Church, Osterwick then Neuenburg and finally back to our starting point at Reinland. You can download a copy of the Trekker’s Handbook HERE.

If you’re ready to register for Visit the Villages Tractor Trek, REGISTER HERE.  You’ll be taken to our secure on-line registration site where you’ll also find more information about the event.  You can also come visit us at Eden Health Care Services and fill out your registration on site and a third alternative is that we can send you a registration form either by e-mail or fax or by regular old snail-mail.

If you’re ready to support a trekker who is taking part in this year’s Visit the Villages Tractor Trek, CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR.

Last year we had 46 people register for Visit the Villages Tractor Trek and we also had very good engagement with fund-raising.  As a result we were able to:

  • Provide Segue with improved resources to help people identify their strengths and find employment.
  • Provide our IT department with a new server to simplify system management and shift to a more cloud based technology.  It means that everyone who needs information can get at it and at the same time improves data security to keep the bad-guys out.
  • Provide resources to refurbish another three units at Enns Courts.
  • Provide resources to re-shingle the second building at Wilson Courts.
  • Provide resources to put in power-assist doors at Eden Mental Health Centre.
  • Provide resources to replace the 50 year-old sidewalks at Eden Mental Health Centre.
  • Provide resources to update the Recovery of Hope counselling office in Steinbach.

These are a sampling of achievements that have been made possible by the efforts of those who have helped to raise funds during events like Visit the Villages Tractor Trek.  These achievements would not have happened had we waited for government support.

Tractor Trekkers and those that support their efforts are absolutely fundamental to the viability and success of many of Eden’s service areas.  All of these efforts are intended to provide hope, healing and community to those on a mental health journey.

Eden Mental Health Centre has their tractor road worthy and ready to go this year.  It’s a first!  Negotiations are on-going as to whether Kym Kaufmann our new CEO or Dana Human our program director at the hospital will be driving.

Come ride with us!