05 September, 2017

Eden’s 50th Anniversary Gala

This year marks Eden’s 50th Anniversary.  In 1967 we received our charter to begin operating our mental health hospital in Winkler and since then, the breadth of the work we do has continued to expand both in terms of scope and in the size of the community we serve.

Over the course of 2017, we have been highlighting the fact that we’ve achieved this 50th year marker and on November 9th and 10th we are going to present two Gala evenings of celebration.  On Thursday November 9th, we will celebrate at Winkler Bergthaler Mennonite Church with the doors opening at 5 pm.  Then on November 10th we will celebrate in Winnipeg at North Kildonan Mennonite Brethren Church with the doors opening at 6 pm.  The decision to use church facilities in both locations is an expression of the fact that we continue to be an extension of the work of the church.

Tickets are now available for purchase on-line by clicking the link below.

Gala Details and Registration

Individuals may purchase tickets or the entire table of eight at a discount.  Seating is limited to approximately 400 people at each venue.  Individual tickets are priced at $150 each and a table of eight at $1,000.  All but $50 per person/seat is eligible for a tax deductible receipt.

We are most fortunate to have Margaret Trudeau as our guest speaker at both venues.  She would be able to tell us stories about her life in politics but rather, she comes to share her personal story of living with a mental health issue.  One of the books she has written, “Changing My Mind”, speaks specifically to this part of her life.  There will be opportunity for guests to purchase her books at the end of the evening.

In addition to having Margaret Trudeau as our guest speaker, we are delighted to also welcome:

Phillip Ens Jr. (click here to read his bio)

Meagan (Reimer) Larios (click here to read her bio)

Victor Engbrecht (click here to read his bio)

Laura Friesen (click here to read her bio)

All four of these musicians have deep, strong roots to our communities.  Phillip, Meagan and Laura will bring music to the Winkler Gala and then Victor will be joining them for the Gala in Winnipeg.  Although all have a reputation as operatic singers and musicians, their presentations will be songs which they have found to be personally inspiring and encouraging.

Over the course of this year Glen Klassen; a long time board member and supporter of the Eden organization, has been busy editing a book entitled “Eden Health Care Services, 50 Years of Hope, Healing and Community”.  We will be taking orders for the book and as soon as it has been released by the publisher, they will be shipped out to anyone who has made a purchase.  Our current understanding is that it would be ready for Christmas.

The Winkler Gala evening will honour Mental Health Heroes.  The awards will go to people whom the community has identified.  The Eden organization looks forward to being able to recognize members of our communities in this manner.

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