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Visit the Villages Tractor Trek is in its 14th year as a signature fund-raising event for Eden Foundation. The ride this year is scheduled for Saturday July 10th. Visit the Villages Tractor Trek is a fund-raiser to support mental health recovery programs for individuals living in our Southern Health region.


Jul 10 2021


8:00 am - 7:00 pm


  1. Victor Krahn

    I am entered in the tractor trek. I thought it was July 10 but a friend of who is also entered got a e-mail it was on October 2. On your ad on this page it still says July 10. Which one is right?

  2. earl@edenhealthcare.ca

    Thank you for checking in. We had to make a pretty quick decision and did send out a note but recognize that not everyone may have received it. I just sent out another e-mail to all our Trekkers and I’ve also posted on FaceBook. The October 2nd date is correct. We unfortunately needed to move it again because of the constraints over meeting and eating together. The October date looks much more promising based on the information our government is giving us.

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