Falk Fehr Foundation gives out $50,000 from August Golf Tournament

(L-R) Falk Fehr Foundation’s Justin Falk, Marlin Froese, and Eric Fehr along with Eden Foundation’s Director of Development, Earl Reimer, and Winkler Community Foundation Executive Director, Myra Peters.

Proceeds raised from the Hockey Champions Charity golf tournament in Winkler in August was given out on Monday.

Put on by the Falk Fehr Foundation, $50,000 from the summer golf event was divided between three local charitable organizations. The Pembina Valley chapter of the Canadian Tire Jump Start Charity and the Winkler Bible Camp each received $12,500, while the Eden Foundation received $25,000.

Director of Development for the Eden Foundation, Earl Reimer says this gift is a physical confirmation that there is hope. He said that is expressed further and passed along to those who are on a mental health journey, “that they receive, hope, healing, and community.”

Reimer said one way this money will be put to use will be by supporting professional personal counselling, through Eden’s Recovery of Hope Program. He said they will also be supporting people where they live. Here in Winkler, that is at Linden Place and Enns Courts, east and west.

FALK FEHR FND Jump Start 15Nov2021
(L-R) Winkler Canadian Tire owner, David Dunseath, Falk Fehr Foundation’s Marlin Froese, Eric Fehr, and Justin Falk, with Glenn McLean, regional manager for Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities.

“There are occasions where we need to some refurbishments, and some upgrades and some developments, and some program developments, and that is going to be supported with what’s going on here with this money,” explained Reimer. “That is the real evidence and the outgrowth of what the ‘shape of hope’ looks like.”

Glenn McLean is the regional manager for Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities. He said the funds will play a huge role in giving more kids access to sport and recreational opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have. “We say on average, it’s about $100 to enroll a child into an activity, so you can see when you can get over one-hundred kids into an activity as a beneficiary of a golf tournament, that’s huge.”

McLean notes one-hundred percent of the $12,500 will stay with the Pembina Valley chapter to help local kids in region. He said they will be able to participate in sport and recreational activities, like hockey, swimming, and other organized activities.

Eric Fehr, with the Falk Fehr Foundation said these three organizations are all worthy causes. With everything going on the last couple of years, (COVID related) Fehr said supporting the Eden Foundation as they strive to walk alongside people on a mental health journey was huge.

“Giving everybody a chance to play sports, obviously that’s where we got our start, and we want kids to all have that opportunity with Jumpstart,” added Fehr. “And the Winkler Bible Camp…they’re turning them (our kids) into leaders and people that are going to help this city grow. So three very worthy causes in our mind, and people that do great work.”

Fehr said the foundation is very grateful for the support and help they received for their golf tournament. He said they can’t write cheques like this without the great businesses and people in the city.

FALK FEHR FND Winkler BB Camp 15Nov2021 submitted
(L-R) Falk Fehr Foundation’s Justin Falk, Marlin Froese, and Eric Fehr, with Winkler Bible Camp Director Dale Wiebe. (Submitted photo)

Originally posted on Pembina Valley on Line. Pam Fedack