19 December, 2013

Good Mood Foods

Foods we eat play an important part in just how we feel. Symptoms associated with stress, depression, behavioral problems and physical disease have been scientifically linked to deficiencies in some essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

In combination with that, at times we are faced with a stressful situations, our body promptly devours these nutrients, leaving us in short supply. Without replenishing the reserve, the stress symptoms, initially caused by a situation or event, will continue longer than usual because your body has been depleted of the essential nutrients that it needs for best possible brain function.

So – what are these vital nutrients, how can they assist, and what can you eat to be assured your body and mind has the energy it needs to run properly?

Deficiencies in the following list of nutrients have all been related to issues with mental health:


B1 – Poor concentration (found in brown rice)

B3 – Depression, stress (found in porridge oats)

B5 – Poor memory (found in bell peppers)

B6 – Depression, poor memory, irritability, stress (found in broccoli)

B12 – Poor memory, confusion (found in chicken)

Folic Acid – Anxiety, depression (found in spinach)

Magnesium – Anxiety, depression, irritability, stress, insomnia (found in sunflower seeds)

Vitamin C – Depression (found in oranges)

Selenium – Depression, irritability (found in garlic)

Zinc – Depression, confusion, blank mind, loss of appetite, lack of motivation (found in tuna)

Omega 3 – Depression, poor memory (found in pumpkin seeds)

Tryptophan – Depression (found in walnuts)


Now you know which nutrients are required to be incorporated in your diet, however if your anything like me, attempting to incorporate that knowledge into a diet plan can be challenging. Which items are rich in which nutrients and how do you actually introduce these foods into your everyday life?

The truth is, when we have the right ingredients, we can see how comfortable it is to make appetizing meals that not just taste good, but also give your brain the greatest opportunity of performing appropriately.

If coming up with new and creative recipes is a challenge, don’t worry, I will be posting recipes each month that directly relate to replenishing the nutrients that are required in our bodies and minds.

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