Penfeld Court

Penfeld Court (Steinbach) 

Penfeld Court is 24-unit apartment that provides quality, safe and affordable housing for individuals or families with mental health needs in the South Eastman community. In collaboration with Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation, Penfeld Court located on 51 Penfeld Drive provides rent geared to income and affordable housing rates.

With strong support from the community, Penfeld Court opened its doors in 2006, providing 16 one-bedroom suites and 8 two-bedroom suites. All the suites are wheelchair accessible. Fourteen of the suites are part of the rent supplement program whereby the tenant pays a portion of the rent based on income. The remaining 10 suites are rented at affordable housing rates.

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Applications and inquiries can be directed to the Housing & Supports Manager: 

Phone Number: (204) 320-6033
Fax: (204) 346-0423
Address: Eden East Office, 21 Loewen Blvd, Steinbach, MB R5G 0L4