Community Choices

Community Wellness Initiative Program (Winkler) 

Based out of Enns Court, the Community Wellness Initiative program is designed to create a positive atmosphere within subsidized housing and encourage the overall mental health and well-being of the tenants. Every week there are group activities designed to bring tenants together to encourage a positive atmosphere, provide education, reduce isolation and encourage relationship building.  

The program aims to empower tenants through providing support, information, resources and access to services. The Community Wellness Initiative program also provides one-on-one help, working with individuals who are at risk of losing their housing for various reasons, such as budgeting, hoarding or conflict with other tenants. 

Community Choices Drop-In Program (Winkler) 

Community Choices is a daily program based out of Enns Court. The purpose of this program is to create a positive atmosphere where people who are living with a mental illness can come together, visit and participate in skill building and social activities, such as cooking together, playing games and going bowling.