Let’s Get on our Bikes and Find ‘Jake’!

Riding motorcycle definitely fits within the limitations of ‘social distancing’. This is the second year that we at Eden Foundation have the pleasure of working together with a group of riders that are looking for a good reason to ride. Although this ride has never been a fund-raising event, it is an opportunity to consider the value of good mental health and how our current circumstances have put stress on so very many people.

Riding motorcycle is a chance to do something fun together – apart. We’ll get together Sunday early afternoon June 21st, Father’s Day, at Winkler Co-op Truck Stop / Outpost Grill to check in and receive some riding instructions and from there, we’ll hit the road and eventually meet outdoors again at the Winkler Park.

‘Jake’ is going to find himself a nice shady spot somewhere in the area between Glenboro, east to the #75 Hwy and Emerson to Snowflake. That nice shady spot will be fully visible from a paved roadway. Because ‘Jake’ did such a good job at not being found last year, we’re going to have two ‘Jakes’ that will qualify for prizes. Riders also have a chance to earn points toward some prizes by taking pictures of themselves with a number of town icons in the search zone. Icons like the dinosaur in Morden or the pumpkin at Roland, a rose sculpture in Roseisle or a whole bunch more. You’ll find a more complete list by downloading the BROCHURE. The registration for the ride is also available on that brochure.

You can also register on line by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

Although this is not a fund-raising event, if you’re willing we’d use donations to support the counselling services of Recovery of Hope. This Covid-19 thing is taking a toll on people and there are those who could benefit from the professional counselling services of Recovery of Hope but might not be able to afford it; especially if they’ve just lost their job. Donations would pay the difference between what professional private counselling services cost and what a person can afford.

Come out and ride for your own mental health.