22 January, 2020

Aura Studio’s Fundraiser for Recovery of Hope Counselling Services

Until January 31st 2020, Aura Studio is raising money for Eden’s Recovery of Hope Counselling Services. For every 5 Class Package sold, Aura Studio will donate $5, along with a base donation from the owner. Aura is also accepting donations without the purchase of a package. Click HERE to sign up.

Aura Studio is Pembina Valley’s only barre fitness studio with locations in Carman and Winkler. Barre fitness is a growing workout that is rooted in classical ballet while incorporating elements of Pilates and yoga. Clients go through small, isometric movements that work specific muscle groups to the point of fatigue. This causes your muscles to shake, which helps build strong, lean muscle (and bring out a few giggles throughout class). Aura Studio provides a welcoming, encouraging, and energetic environment from its fully trained and certified instructor.

The owner of Aura Studio, Kailey Thiessen (Guillemin) tells her own story and how her decision to support Eden intersects with her fitness studio.

“As a kid, I was typically shy. Having asthma and being sick frequently, I spent quite a bit of time at home. Middle school through high school wasn’t the best time, learning who I was as a person, dealing with bullying that would have a lasting impression, and trying to enjoy life.”

“In 2017, we moved to Winkler (my husband’s home town), where it’s been my home ever since. As much as I love Winkler and the life we were creating, something still felt off. In 2018, I went for my regular doctor checkup. This time, though, I went to get answers as to why I wasn’t sleeping, always tired, losing my motivation for the things I loved the most, and not feeling like myself. It was at that appointment that the words depression and anxiety were brought to my attention.”

“I’ve been on anti-depressants for two years and seeing my counsellor at least once a month for the past year. Thanks to her (who works through Eden Mental Care Services and Pathways Community Mental Health Services), I’ve rediscovered my old self again, and am no longer ashamed or embarrassed about how I felt.”

Kailey granted Eden the right to share her story above. This is intended to give context to the motivation to put this event together. We are deeply grateful to Kailey for her vulnerability in telling her story and for the generosity with which she has recounted her experience with Eden and her generosity in creating this fund-raising event.