07 May, 2018

Eastman Male Choir and ‘Elvis’, In Harmony for Hope

Sunday evening about 750 people came to Steinbach Mennonite Church to hear the Eastman Male Choir sing.  Their repertoire was a comfortable and familiar collection of old gospel and hymn favourites in both English and German; some with a newer and interesting twist.  In a final set, Corny ‘Elvis’ Rempel joined the choir and sang songs that were a significant part of the Presley collection of gospel songs.  The Eastman Male Choir did a marvelous job of providing the supporting sound complete with all the chord changes that made the songs so popular originally.


The 39 voice choir is led by Nathanial De Avila and pianist Lori Reimer and together with ‘Elvis’, they had everyone on their feet by the end of the evening.

The evening was a benefit concert for Eden Health Care Services as it is expressed in Steinbach and the people attending were generous, providing the organization with over $9,500.  The funds will go a very long way in continuing to support the work in the Steinbach region in areas such as the Positive Living Program, Segue Career Options, Recovery of Hope and the housing programs of Penfeld Court and Wilson Courts.

Minister of Health Kelvin Goertzen was among those attending and brought words of support for the work being done by the Eden organization throughout the health region.