10 February, 2020

Eden Foundation Fundraising Spaghetti Supper

On Friday February 7th just under 200 people came out for supper at Winkler Mennonite Brethren Church. After spending the day in preparation, the doors opened at 5. Here’s a video of our volunteers at work.

Yeah, it’s good!

Not only was good food served but those attending were treated to Jayme Giesbrecht playing Italian love songs on accordion.

Jayme Giesbrecht

Eden Foundation is very grateful not only for those who came and left gifts that totaled more than $6,000, but also for the many volunteers that made the event possible.

Our Volunteers

As indicated when this event was announced, these funds will be used to provide support for those seeking counselling through Recovery of Hope Counselling Services.  The fees charged for their service is based on a sliding scale and the difference between that figure and what it costs for a professional counsellor comes from contributions such as these.

Recovery of Hope will provide more than 5,000 counselling sessions over the course of a year and many of those sessions are additionally supported by these sources.

On behalf of those who will be the beneficiaries of your gifts, Eden Foundation says, ‘Thank You’.