03 July, 2012

Eden Health Care – Segue


Eden Health Care Services recently appointed Debra Stockwell to the position of Program Director of Segue Career Options. Ms. Stockwell comes into this leadership position formerly having been the director of Robertson College, Brandon Campus. Debra brings extensive experience in program and curriculum development, human resource management and understands the value of appropriate education. Her previous experience was in the health care field working in pediatrics. Debra’s combination of career experiences will benefits the program development of the Segue employment program.

Segue is the supported employment program of Eden Health Care Services that works with an wide range of individuals struggling with significant employment barriers. The program completes functional assessments, personal evaluations and supports individuals in actual employment placements in the community. Segue supports the philosophy that meaningful employment is a key component of a healthy and contributing life. The program works together with partners in both Winkler and Steinbach.

The team at Segue and the whole Eden organization looks forward to seeing the employment program flourish under Ms. Stockwell’s leadership. Debra and her husband have embraced the Winkler community and region and look forward to participating in what the community has to offer.