06 May, 2019

Harmony for Hope 2019, Two Wonderful Concerts

The Eastman Male Choir and Winkler Community Male Choir collaborated on two Sunday evenings to present ‘In Harmony for Hope’ in Winkler on April 30th and again on May 5th.  It proved to be concerts people were waiting to hear, since both the Winkler Mennonite Church and Steinbach Mennonite Church were full.

Winkler Community Male Choir

Each choir presented their selection of songs and then for a grand finale, joined forces and did their best to shake the rafters.  The responses were energetic and generous.  Giving clear indication that both groups were well-rehearsed and performance-ready.

Eastman Male Choir

The choirs performed in support of the programs and services of Eden Health Care Services and together the generosity of people attending both events produced approximately $22,000.  These funds will go a long, long way in helping to produce training programs that can be delivered in churches, training that be provided in the existing programs and it will provide support for those seeking counselling through our professional counselling services.  It will also make it possible to continue to renovate some of the Enns Courts apartments and re-shingle the Wilson Courts building in Steinbach.

Eden Foundation is extremely grateful for the engagement of the community through their contributions at these two concerts and equally so for the willingness of these two fine choirs to dedicate their spring concerts to the benefit of those who need hope, healing and community on their mental health journey.