20 July, 2017

Head for the Hills 2017

Eden Foundation’s signature cycling event is scheduled for Saturday September 9th.  This will be the 17th Annual running of Head for the Hills.  The event is a wonderful collection of cyclists coming from all over the province and even some coming from out of province or outside of Canada.  Cyclists come with a variety of skills and abilities and all are cared for along the 36 km route.

The route this year will be modified slightly to take in a loop through Stanley Park just south of Morden.  What remains the same is the fact that there are two routes offered to cyclists.  One route takes the rider along single-track paths beginning at Colert Beach and then following sections of the Trans-Canada trail and the alternate route follows a parallel course but keeps the cyclist on established roadways.  Along the way both groups of cyclists will encounter two check-points that also offer some light refreshments.

Last year we had a record-breaking number of cyclists take part in the event and it was also a record-breaking year for the efforts made by cyclists in their fund-raising.  The hope is that this year; which coincides with Eden Health Care Services 50th Anniversary, it will be equally as exciting.

The connection between cycling and mental health began as a result of then CEO James Friesen having a passion for the sport and seeing this as an opportunity to engage his passion and that of others for the purpose of a small fund-raising effort.  Since then of course, it has grown to a well-developed event that many look forward to each year.  The ride can also be seen as a reflection of how one views life’s circumstances.  Many view a 36 km bicycle ride as insurmountable and similarly there are times when one’s life circumstances seem equally challenging.  Head for the Hills reflects real life and the work of the Eden organization in that during the ride, all cyclists ride together even when alternate paths are chosen.  Similarly in real life and in the work of the Eden organization, there are numerous paths available but people do not need to deal with life’s experiences alone.  The ride and life have places of rest, times of refreshment and the company of others who are along the same journey as you.

Register for Head for the Hills on-line at  Take advantage of the on-line fund-raising vehicle and send out some e-mails.  Get on your bike and join the ride and share the energy that comes from riding together.