22 June, 2018

Highlighting Men’s Mental Health June 12, 2018

On June 12, 2018, Eden Health Care Services hosted a one day workshop at Victoria Inn Resort & Conference Centre in Winnipeg.  This workshop shone a light on those who experience mental health challenges, with a special emphasis on men’s mental health.







Comedians, Kevin Breel and Big Daddy Tazz shared the challenges of their personal mental health journey.  They brought the painful realities of their journey to light with a good dose of humour.  Dr. Michael Dyck and Dr. Larry Klassen highlighted the roots of men’s mental health issues, as well as noting how the research on Men’s mental health shows us that around the world, on average we lose a man to suicide every minute of every day. Three out of every 4 suicides are men. One in 10 Canadian men will experience major depression in the course of their lives.  In Canada, 80 percent of suicides are carried out by men, with the age group of 40 to 60 having the highest rates. Coinciding rates of substance use disorder are also very high in this demographic, outnumbering women by a rate of 3 to 1.  Some research suggests that depression is elevated in this group but is under reported due to diagnostic bias, where depression is perceived as a “woman’s illness.”  Mental illness symptoms of men tend to be different as they may hide their emotions or become angry or aggressive.

Larry Klassen








It should also be noted that when the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation launched nationally in Canada in 2014, they found the statistics about the state of men’s health in Canada, and the picture those statistics painted was not very flattering for Canadian men.

Here’s a snapshot of some of their statistics:

  • 54% of Canadian men are unhealthy sleepers
  • 59% of Canadian men don’t exercise enough
  • 62% of Canadian men are unhealthy eaters
  • 39% of Canadian men have unhealthy alcohol consumption
  • 20% of Canadian men still smoke
  • 72% of Canadian men are borderline unhealthy and/or unhealthy
  • 25% of Canadian men are considered healthy/very healthy.
  • 70% of chronic diseases and conditions may be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

From these statistics we realize that the health of men on a personal, family and workplace level requires a concerted effort of not one organization, but many pieces – from individuals, to other healthcare organizations, to private industry and government at all levels – to recognize the state of men’s health and its impact on Canadian society.

We are grateful to Eden Foundation for the seed funds and the Eden Men’s Mental Health Workshop Committee members to help this event to happen.  Eden Health Care Services will to continue to shine a light on men’s mental health, as well as mental health of individuals and families within our program areas, as well as within the communities of our health region.

Ron Falk

Chair of Eden Men’s Mental Health Committee

Eden Health Care Services, Winkler, MB

A copy of Dr. Michael Dyck’s presentation can be downloaded HERE.