20 June, 2018

IronMan 2018

This year was the 18th year that IronMan has been in existence.  This year was the first year in many where the number of golfers increased and so did the support they received.  This year, there were 19 participants in the event who collectively raised over $24,000; a 20% improvement over the past couple of years.

The IronMan is a 72 hole golf event at which each golfer is given freedom to complete at whatever speed he/she feels comfortable with.  The entire course is reserved for these few golfers, so the rate of play is quite quick.  Anyone who’s played the game regularly or even casually, will understand that golf is a mental game.  Regardless of our ability, it is usually fairly easy to begin to feel stressed or anxious or even angry for ‘duffing’ a short and then it may turn in to another poor shot and another after that.  Pretty soon one begins to not only question the ability that we thought we had, but one may also begin to berate oneself for being such a poor human being.  Fortunately for most golfers, those self-recriminations usually go away when one walks off the course.

Imagine what that must feel like to have the burden of self-recrimination always nagging in your brain day-in and day-out with no let up.  What does that do to a person’s very soul?  That’s what 72 holes of golf is; at some points, meant to simulate.  For those who suffer that mental health reality, professional intervention is highly recommended.  For those who feel poorly about themselves as the result of a very long and maybe very bad golf game, getting together at the end for a wind-up supper with lots of laughs and good natured ribbing is enough to regain some equilibrium again.

The money that has been raised during this event will help:

  • the renovation of six suites at Enns Courts in Winkler
  • new evaluation software and training for Segue Career Options serving both Winkler and Steinbach
  • mental health promotions project in Morden
  • men’s mental health learning event in Winnipeg
  • create a Wellness Library of resources in Eden Mental Health Centre, to augment the resources available through the Steinbach office
  • create a gathering space with solid park benches at Concordia Village IV in Winnipeg
  • improve the furnishings in the Interview Room at Eden Mental Health Centre
  • engage a professional to examine our services for the purposes of insuring they continue to appropriately serve the community
  • create a pre-school playground area at Enns Courts in Winkler

Consider this as your invitation to come play IronMan Golf with us in 2019 on Monday June 17th at Winkler’s Centennial Golf Course.

(We’ll post more pictures as soon as we get them loaded.)