18 June, 2019

Ironman 2019 Is A Wrap!

Monday June 17th started out cool and wet but when the game started, the sun came out and golfers enjoyed a perfect day.  It’s become the norm that a small group of dedicated people come out to play 72 holes of golf and each year it is a surprise at how quickly the day goes by when they have the entire course to themselves for the duration.  This year a dozen people took part in the event and between them raised over $15,000.  All of the donations that they collected from supporters goes directly to the work of Eden Health Care Services.

Because of the generosity of the business community, the costs associated with putting on an event is all covered.  The names of those generous sponsors are scrolling across the screen just above this story before you arrived here.

Leading team fund-raisers
Mark Litman , the leading Individual fund-raiser pictured with Debra-Lynn Litman.
Brian Prockert bending the shaft.
Matt Fehr … “…and it’s outta here…”
Brother and sister team “Da Tweety Pies” playing in memory of a brother