16 October, 2018

“Love You” Campaign Helping Build Wellness Library In Winkler

Mental Illness Awareness Week has just ended, but Shopper’s Drug Mart is continuing the conversation and support with their “Love You” campaign. The initiative is all about raising funds to help Women support their personal mental health, something that can often fall under the radar.

Shopper’s Drug Mart in Winkler will be donating their funds to the Eden Foundation, the same organization they donated to last year. Shopper’s Drug Mart kicked off their ‘Love You’ campaign with a $475 cheque which they raised at a gala.

The last project Eden Foundation did with Shoppers Drug Mart was for a play structure near the Enns Court apartments. Foundation Director of Development, Earl Reimer says the project “has exploded into something that’s even bigger.”

This is why Reimer came back with another project for Shopper’s to support.

“The ‘Wellness Library’ is an initiative that we have had running in our Steinbach office for a number of years, so we have some evidence to prove that it is a viable service that we can provide, that people do want,” adds Reimer.

The library will have resources like books, CDs, and DVDs, that are available to the public. Some of the most popular topics of interest last year in Steinbach were addictions, anxiety, inspirational, Aboriginal culture, parenting, and books for children and teens. This will help Steinbach choose which resources to loan to Winkler so they can begin to build a strong library of their own.

Zahid Zehri is a Pharmacist at Shopper’s and says, “There’s a direct relationship between the education and the mental health. Once you have a level of education increase, people know what the problems are that [others] are facing. It will be easy to handle them, easy to get the treatment.”

Some of the proceeds will also be going towards buying Christmas gifts for people who reside at the Eden Mental Health Centre over the holiday, which can bring joy to people who may not have family or friends around to visit them.

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