09 September, 2019

New Amenities at Enns Courts

The Housing and Supports service area of Eden Health Care has completed the installation of a play structure and pergola between Enns Courts East and Enns Courts West.  Since the initial building of the two apartment structures in the early 1980’s, an accommodation for young pre-school and early years school children has been missing.  This put pressure on parents to either provide resources for play and development in their apartments or it forced them to transport children to play areas nearby.

Approximately two years ago, a group of Parkland Elementary School ‘Youth in Philanthropy’ (YiP) students approached then CEO James Friesen asking how they might help the Eden organization.  Mr. Friesen reflected on the shortcoming at Enns Courts and suggested support for a dedicated play area between the two buildings.  Near the end of the school year, the students presented a cheque to Eden via the Winkler Foundation in support of the project.

Myra Peters – Winkler Foundation; Zahid Zehri – Shopper’s Drug Mart; Carolyn Elias -Elias Trucking

At the same time, Mr. Zahid Zehri; owner and manager of Winkler’s Shopper’s Drug Mart engaged his staff in fund-raising from patrons.  The focus for Mr. Zehri was that of women’s health.  The construction of a play area fit into this focus in two ways; one being that having children creatively engaged in play in a safe environment just outside their residence would provide some peace of mind.  Secondly, the pergola and the area surrounding the playground becomes a point of assembly for parents; and mostly women, to gather and create community.

In addition to the support that Shopper’s Drug Mart contributed in support of getting this project off the ground, Mr. Zehri presented another cheque as additional support.

Significant assistance came from P.M. Elias Trucking.  Richard Elias and two of his staff who leaved the area and provided material and recommendation to see the product to completion.  After some design work and revision, a new play structure and pergola were completed at Enns Courts on Saturday 24 August.

The play area and pergola are intended primarily for the use of  children who are resident at Enns Courts but is also open to children in the immediate area.

Eden Health Care Services, Housing and Supports along with Eden Foundation are deeply grateful for the imagination and generosity of Mr. Zehri and the staff of Shopper’s Drug Mart, and the student at Parkland Elementary School who were part of Youth in Philanthropy.  Management at Eden Health Care Services is also very grateful for the generosity of Richard Elias at P.M. Elias Trucking.  Without the collaborative work of all these parties and the generosity of the community, the project would not have been realized.

Eden Housing and Support Services is committed to assisting families and individuals achieve optimal quality of life within the community of their choice. The purpose of the various programs is to assist each individual to take the next step in her or his individual recovery journey. This is accomplished by providing safe, affordable and good quality housing along with appropriate support services.

Eden Housing and supports provides rent subsidized housing, residential care, psycho-social rehabilitation, and integrated community supports with a Christian emphasis.