20 November, 2017

Nurturing and Sustaining Safe Communities

On Tuesday, October 3rd, Eden Health Care Services hosted a full day workshop on ‘Nurturing and Sustaining Safe Communities’.  Our presenters were: Devon Clunis, retired Winnipeg Police Chief; who believes one person can make a difference and that together we can change the world;  Dr. Marc Teillet, psychiatrist at Eden Mental Health Centre, working with the Southern Regional Health Authority, consulting to Community Mental Health Clinics and Intensive Case Management Programs; and Paul Isaak, former Winnipeg Police Chaplain & Wellness Officer, who has seen first hand the impact critical events have on the mental health and overall well-being of those who are connected personally to an event, as well as those who are impacted through their professional role.

Our presenters were engaging, inspiring and challenging with statements such as:

  • If nothing we say or do can change the tragic circumstances that have taken place, then what can we do to help?
  • Embrace individuals experiencing crisis,
  • Be supportive and help find help,
  • Everyone has the capacity to lead,
  • Everyone has the capacity to be a difference maker,
  • You can help Nurture and Sustain Your Safe Community!

The misconception that violent and senseless crimes are committed by people who are “mentally ill” or “sick” was also addressed and this assumption leads to discrimination and stigma.

We were reminded that “A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle”.  Our light is not diminished in any way by sharing the light with those we meet.  So may we be challenged on a daily basis to bring hope, healing and community to those struggling with mental health challenges.

Submitted by,

Ron Falk,
Director of Spiritual Care
Eden Health Care Services