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Steinbach MCC Gives Back To Local Charities

Steinbach MCC donated a total of $50,000 to 15 local charities on Friday morning. Chair Gordon Kornelson says they value the community immensely and want to give something back. “Our board figures t…

12 December, 2015 News

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The Candy-cane Forest

Winkler’s Bethel Heritage Park has some more decorations up this year. The City along with Eden Foundation have installed 50 large red metal candy canes along the eastern walkway through the par…

18 November, 2015 News

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Segue Offers Strong Connections

Each client visiting Segue Career Options in Steinbach is a new story. It could be a woman held back by a physical disability, or a young man with a poor work history. They all need help, guidance in …
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Upcoming and Past Events

Steinbach Tractor Trek of 2012

The Steinbach Tractor Trek of 2012 will be remembered as an eventful day. June 9th started out sunny and warm with more than 50 tractors showing up at the Mennonite Heritage Village. The intent was to…
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