21 November, 2019

Province Announces Mental Health Funding For Youth

Cameron Friesen – Image courtesy of the Manitoba Government

The provincial government has earmarked significant funding to improve mental health services in Manitoba, specifically aimed at children and youth.

On Monday, the province announced it will invest $4.2 million over the next three years to increase additional resources to be added to services already available at Children’s Hospital. This will include increasing:

• the availability of child and adolescent psychiatric emergency nurses who assess children in the emergency department;
• access to group treatment in the existing anxiety disorders service;
• access to individual treatment for children and youth in crisis;
• group treatment capacity for patients who require ongoing outpatient care after 12 weeks of crisis treatment; and
• urgent consultation to rural and remote health-care centres, reducing the number of transfers from rural and remote communities.

The second phase of this program is expected in the next fiscal year and will include the development of a clinic dedicated to patient followup, ensuring medication compliance and ongoing care as well as enhanced rapid access care for patients who can be safely discharged from the emergency department but require a psychiatric assessment within a few days.